Costs Recovery

QM Costs offers a comprehensive bill drafting and defendant costs recovery service that allows you to recover your outstanding costs in good time.

We are able to undertake all tasks throughout the Detailed Assessment process, placing QM Solicitors on the court record, providing advice, undertaking negotiations, preparing Replies and attending detailed assessment or alternatively we help clients who prefer to recover their own costs by providing any one of these services.

We have recovered costs arising from many types of legal action and in relation to all values of claims for costs ranging from low value costs claims to group litigation with costs recovery exceeding £1million. In addition to pursuing costs through the detailed assessed process we are able to help clients with all aspects of costs recovery, such as quickly preparing a statement of costs for a forthcoming hearing or simply preparing an informal schedule of costs after a client has successfully obtained a costs order.

Where clients are unsure about entitlement to recover costs due to the application of qualified one way costs shifting (QOCS) or are considering the possibility of a non-party costs order, QM Costs will assess the strength of the claim, discuss options and provide advice to maximise clients’ recovery of costs.