Costs Negotiation

When an order for costs is made against our clients, QM Costs ensure that the costs claimed are reduced to the minimum level possible.

We offer a full costs negotiation service from the start of the case through to the detailed assessment process. 

Our experienced costs negotiators successfully identify and challenge costs that are either unreasonably incurred, unreasonably high or are not reasonably recoverable between the parties.

This is achieved through combining our legal and technical skills with a detailed knowledge of opponents’ behaviours and tactics, and the Courts throughout England and Wales.

Details of the thousands of cases QM Costs have handled over a period of more than 12 years against claimant firms, specific branches and fee earners, are readily available to our experts.  We will compare and analyse the outcome of previous costs negotiations with these to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

We continually review the ever changing tactics used by claimant solicitors, in their attempts to increase claims for costs, and adopt strategies to successfully combat such attempts.

We also record, analyse and discuss the outcome of all provisional and detailed assessment hearings, to continually improve our performance and we have accumulated a detailed knowledge of the approaches taken by different Courts and Costs Judges on assessment.

Our costs negotiation service includes:

  • all negotiations with opponents
  • advice and updates throughout the claim
  • going on the court record preparing and serving points of dispute
  • dealing with Provisional Assessment procedure including oral hearings
  • attending Detailed Assessment hearings throughout England and Wales

Our solicitors have been involved in some of the pre-eminent costs cases in recent years (see Case Studies) and their highly developed skills will ensure that we achieve the best possible results every time.

Our teams handle a full spectrum of cases, from high value and complex costs cases, such as catastrophic injury cases and commercial litigation, through to arguments regarding the application of fixed costs on the small claims track.

Costs hearings

Many of our lawyers are trained advocates and are able to provide representation at hearings throughout England and Wales. We have represented our clients’ interest in courts at all levels, including the Senior Courts Costs Office on many occasions and the House of Lords. Whether it’s a costs application, detailed assessment or costs appeal, the QM Costs team will handle your case with the care and attention it deserves.

Serving your interests in court

We have dealt with claims for costs that have arisen from claims and appeals with the County Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Furthermore, we have been involved in many costs cases that have themselves been the subject of appeals up to Court of Appeal level. We attend detailed assessments frequently representing a wide range of clients from both the private and public sectors.

QM Costs Lawyers are often instructed to go on the court record to deal with the procedural aspects of costs negotiations and supervise the detailed assessment process as part of our negotiation service.

QM Costs Lawyers have full rights of audience in the Courts of England and Wales.